About Bill Malloy

Bill Malloy

Bill Malloy is an investor and a founding general partner of Sway Ventures, a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage and early-growth technology companies. He draws on over 15 years of experience working at technology firms and as an executive in investment firms to develop an investment ecosystem that provides lower risk, higher returns, and clear exit strategies. Toward this end, Bill Malloy engages with the companies in which Sway VenturesĀ invests, advising them as a board member or observer; he functions as the former with Zanbato, Penrose Studios, and Le Tote and the latter with Mocana, LiveAction, and HyTrust.

In addition to his Sway Ventures-related duties, Bill Malloy serves as the president and a member of the Board member of Malloy & Company, which provides capital and business strategy to private businesses and real estate ventures. He has held this position since 2007, playing a role in ensuring the continued growth of a firm that has been investing in communities and business since the 1800s.

Beyond fulfilling his professional obligations, Mr. Malloy enjoys spending time with his family and believes that his most important job is to be the best father he can be. He is also an avid surfer.