The Stages of Venture Capital

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Venture Capital

A devoted father of two, Bill Malloy is an investment professional with years of experience in real estate investments and venture capitalism. Currently, Bill Malloy serves as a Board Member and president of the investment firm Malloy & Company. In addition, Mr. Malloy is the founding general partner of Sway Ventures, a venture capital firm that invests in early to mid-stage technology companies.

A form of active equity financing, venture capital is a generally utilized by young firms in a high growth stage. The venture capital process begins with the submission of a business plan. This plan, submitted by a startup firm to a venture capitalist, helps to determine if the firm meets the requirements of the investment fund. A period of due diligence follows, which involves the completion of an in-depth analysis of the firm’s finances, operations, and management structure. The venture capitalist then decides whether or not to make an investment offer. If an offer is made, the venture capitalist then plays an active role in the ongoing strategic operations of the startup firm. The process eventually ends with the exit of the venture capitalist from an ownership role via a merger, acquisition, or initial public offering.


Author: billmalloyblog

Bill Malloy is an innovative financier and technologist with a record of successfully investing in inefficient markets. Bill is a founding General Partner at Sway Ventures, where he is focused on IT software investing, hands-on operational support, and building the strategic ecosystem between the US and EMEA. His responsibilities focused on strategy and go-to-market plans for new product development. He currently holds board positions in a number of portfolio companies including Penrose, LE TOTE, HyTrust, LiveAction, Zanbato, and Addepar. Bill gained his venture capital experience at DFJ – Zone Ventures by working with companies on elements of strategy, operational issues and financial structuring. He also devoted significant time to potential new investments between Silicon Valley and Southern California. His background in business development and product management includes five years of service to (sold to Real Networks, a $1.3 billion company) and MusicMatch (sold to Yahoo, a $38 billion company). Bill balances a number of philanthropic positions, currently serving as trustee of the Malloy Foundation as well as Co-Founder of the PEERS Network. He previously served as a board member and treasurer for the Equinox Center. He holds a MBA from the University of Southern California and an undergraduate degree in Engineering from Clemson University.

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