The Stages of Venture Capital

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Venture Capital

A devoted father of two, Bill Malloy is an investment professional with years of experience in real estate investments and venture capitalism. Currently, Bill Malloy serves as a Board Member and president of the investment firm Malloy & Company. In addition, Mr. Malloy is the founding general partner of Sway Ventures, a venture capital firm that invests in early to mid-stage technology companies.

A form of active equity financing, venture capital is a generally utilized by young firms in a high growth stage. The venture capital process begins with the submission of a business plan. This plan, submitted by a startup firm to a venture capitalist, helps to determine if the firm meets the requirements of the investment fund. A period of due diligence follows, which involves the completion of an in-depth analysis of the firm’s finances, operations, and management structure. The venture capitalist then decides whether or not to make an investment offer. If an offer is made, the venture capitalist then plays an active role in the ongoing strategic operations of the startup firm. The process eventually ends with the exit of the venture capitalist from an ownership role via a merger, acquisition, or initial public offering.


USC Trojan’s Impressive Recruiting Class

USC Trojans


A California-based entrepreneur, Bill Malloy seeks out and invests in promising tech startup companies and leverages his financial capital to support numerous philanthropic organizations. An alumnus of the University of Southern California, Bill Malloy proudly supports the school’s football team.

Although the college football season came to an end in January, excitement for the following season typically ramps up in February thanks to hundreds of high school players nationwide declaring their college intentions. And after winning the Rose Bowl in 2016, the future continues to look bright for the USC Trojans, which, according to several media outlets, had one of the best high school recruiting classes in the country. Incoming freshman are ranked on a five-star scale, and USC’s 23 commits included a pair of five-star players and 12 four-star athletes.

The team’s top recruit was running back Stephen Carr, a California native who was ranked as the third-best high school back in the country. The Trojans also added high-profile recruits such as offensive lineman Austin Jackson and Los Angeles-born wide receivers Joseph Lewis and Greg Johnson. The Trojans added 14 of ESPN’s top 300 high school recruits and six of the top 100.